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The Future of Travel Is Here.

Updated: Jan 30

The Future of Travel 2023 Project

The Future of Travel 2023 project is a tech-enabled thought leadership and human insights project designed for future-forward visionaries and leaders in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. The groundbreaking project seeks to cut through the “noise” of travel and tourism research to measure perceptions, emotions, and personality traits of consumers, and communities to help deepen connections, and to go beyond measuring travel intent and behavior.

For the first time, a travel research platform will be predicated on the sufficient participation of inclusive, equitable, and diverse human perspectives at the forefront of its approach. Through our commitment to a truly inclusive and equitable lens reflective of consumer mindsets and community inclusion, the project will provide strategic positioning, operational, sales, and marketing decision-makers in the travel industry the necessary building blocks to re-imagine their own efforts to ensure resiliency and continued growth - to contribute to an evolved industry that is more prepared for the demands of emerging consumers and communities.

This is the future of travel research. This is the future of travel.

Don’t miss this opportunity to partner with diverse group of trailblazing travel and tourism experts.

The Future of Travel 2023 (FOT23) is a groundbreaking, technology-enabled project that will examine our evolving industry through an inclusive and equitable lens. FOT23 blasts past today’s intent-and-behavior research to uniquely determine what the future of travel looks like and what that means for travel and tourism – and you. The initiative’s scope includes:

  • Exploring the perceptions, emotions and personality traits of a broad and diverse group

  • Uncovering the most important experience drivers from consumers who value inclusion, innovation, sustainability and community connection

  • Full reporting and analysis of findings, insights and implications

About the Future of Travel 2023

Future of Travel 2023 utilizes Share More Stories' (SMS)’ SEEQ Platform, and its newest insights product, SEEQ App. SEEQ App enables project participants to share stories about their travel experiences at scale while automating data analytics for project sponsors. The Future of Travel 2023 is brought to you by a partnership of travel research and strategic thinkers, including Share More Stories, The Culturist Group, Esra Calvert Consulting, and JMI, voices in travel and tourism who believe the future of travel is inclusive and deeply related to human and multicultural connections.

Contact us for more information and to participate as a program sponsor.


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